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Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair    06.06.2020

- “I am pleased to welcome all participants and guests, organizers and experts of the international exhibition Stone Industry 2019 on behalf of the Association of Stone Industry Enterprises of Russia. Congratulations to the exhibition with the anniversary. As part of the Stone Industry exhibition, we are all discussing the most the building material, richest in its properties, the strongest and most durable, natural stone. I am very pleased to note that Russia's subsoil is so diverse in natural stone rocks that we have the opportunity to choose from a large palette, of one type or another for use.

Stone creates beautiful architectural ensembles. objects of cultural and historical heritage. I note that over the past year, members of the stone industry, members of our Association carry out a number of good deeds using professional experience and building materials from natural stone. Now we are working on several projects:

In Crimea, in the city of Sevastopol, restoration and

setting the Cross of white marble on the rock of the Holy Apparition.

In Syria, the restoration of monuments of historical heritage, a museum complex in the city of Palmyra.

Some of your colleagues are interested, join us, who carry out such projects and invite them to cooperate.
The Stone Industry exhibition completes the cycle of annual international professional exhibitions of our industry, in Russia, right behind the Uralexpostone exhibition, which is held by our Association, in Yekaterinburg, every year, always at the same time, in the month of April 23rd to 25th, where we all We invite all participants and guests in 2020, all information about the exhibition, we have, on our official website of the Association. The Association of Stone Industry Enterprises of Russia is glad for any meeting and cooperation.

with colleagues from Russia and other countries, we are happy to share our experience, are always open and ready to discuss joint projects with colleagues around the world, conclude cooperation agreements, act and develop together.

All success, productive work, in the framework of this exhibition. Thank!"