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Association Stone Industry of Russia "Center Stone"

    The Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone» is a voluntary public non-profit organization established in 2002 by the decision of the founding meeting of the heads of the leading enterprises in the stone industry.


     The establishment of the Association was caused by the need to unite enterprises engaged in the stone industry in order to develop a unified strategy for the development of enterprises in the Russian stone sector and jointly solve problems for the development of the industry, to popularize stone as a building and finishing material, to saturate the consumer market with high-quality products from Russian natural stone.

Currently, the Association includes more than 80 enterprises engaged in the stone business: quarries and stone processing enterprises, exploration organizations, manufacturers of equipment and tools, construction companies, universities and trading companies.

    The subject of the Association is:  unification of Russian enterprises and firms engaged in the stone industry to support and represent the interests of enterprises in the state structures of the Russian Federation; collection and processing of information on the stone business by the service department, analysis of the world market conditions for further presentation of information to the members of the Association; issue of the journal of the Association «Stone Around Us»; organization of participation of the Association's enterprises at exhibitions, seminars in Russia and abroad; support of international relations and contacts with other public associations in the interests of the Association; organization of enterprise advertising and marketing research on raw materials, finished products, equipment and tools; organization and holding, together with the Ural State Mining University, the annual international specialized exhibition «URALEXPOSTONE» in Yekaterinburg; organization and holding of professional competitions in various directions; organization of training for enterprise specialists to improve their professional level in Russia and abroad.

    The Association of Stone Industry Enterprises is a dynamic open structure, whose members can be enterprises, organizations and institutions engaged in the stone industry, whose interests coincide with those of the Association.

     The Association stands for the development of social partnership in all areas, for the interaction of professional associations, for the consolidation of enterprises and organizations of the stone industry, architects and designers, construction organizations and scientific and educational institutions that train new personnel for the industry, for increasing the importance and responsibility of professionals, for the development of the stone industry in Russia.

    The Association is one of the expert societies                                                                                                                                        according to the approval of GOSTs in the Technical Committee - 144                                                                                                              for the development and approval of standards across the EurAsEC.

    The Association takes part in the development and                                                                                                                              worldwide standards approval (ISO).