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Association Stone Industry of Russia "Center Stone"

The site for the exhibition, which, as planned, will be held autumn 2020-approved. Address of the exhibition center: _______________Ekaterinburg. The lease agreement for the exhibition center has been signed. Construction of the exhibition and design (construction of stands and provision of necessary additional equipment) will be provided by the company "INTER".

We remind you that until the end of the exhibition there are unique conditions for participation in all activities of the business and holiday programs, as well as in advertising campaigns on the conditions of the approved REGULATIONS ABOUT the SPONSORS of the 11th ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION URALEXPOSTONE 2020 (in the Appendix).

Sponsors have extensive advertising and PR opportunities. This will allow your companies to Express themselves, both during the exhibition and long before it. The implementation of sponsorship programs is designed to enhance the marketing effect of participation. It will also provide additional opportunities for the promotion of sponsoring companies in the markets of Russia and other countries of the world and, of course, will ensure the success of all events. 

Please show maximum activity on the participation in the exhibition "URALEXPOSTONE 2020" and send a return email Your proposals on the formation of the Business program of the exhibition (relevant topics, issues and proposals, and the intention of Your company to participate in the events).

For the production of the next issue of the magazine "Stone around us" we ask all the necessary materials for publications (text information and photographs) to agree before September 15, 2020.  

Package of documents for participation in the Exhibition