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Association stone industry of Russian «Center stone» is a voluntary public non-profit organization. It was established on November 14, 2002 by the decision of the constituent assembly of the heads of the leading enterprises of the stone industry of Russia.

Creation of the Association was caused by the necessity to unite the enterprises of the industry in order to work out a unified strategy of development of the stone industry of Russia and joint solution of problems, to popularize stone as a building and finishing material, to saturate the consumer market with high quality products from natural stone in Russia.

At present the Association includes more than 130 enterprises engaged in stone business: quarries and stone processing enterprises, geological exploration organizations, manufacturers of equipment and tools, logistics, construction and trading companies, universities and research centers, scientific and restoration center, professional expert community.

The Association is one of the expert societies for the approval of GOSTs in the Technical Committee - 144, for the development and approval of standards in Eurasian Economic Community countries.

The Association officially participates in the development and approval of world standards (ISO).

About the Association

Founder of the Association «Center stone» and its first President
Andrei Yakovlevich Garms
1) Association of Russian enterprises and companies engaged in stone industry;
2) representing the interests of the Association's enterprises in the state bodies of the Russian Federation;
3) organization of advertising of the Association's enterprises;
4) support of international relations and contacts with other public associations in the interests of the Association enterprises;
5) organization of participation of the Association enterprises in profile exhibitions, conferences, forums, competitions, seminars in Russia and abroad;
6) collection and processing of information about stone business by the service service, analysis of the world market conjuncture for further provision of information to the Association members;
7) profile marketing research of raw materials, finished products, equipment and tools;
8) issue of the specialized magazine «Stone around us»;
9) organization and holding together with the Ural State Mining University of the annual international specialized exhibition
«URALEXPOSTONE» in Ekaterinburg;
10) organization and holding of professional competitions in various fields;
11) organization of training for specialists of stone industry enterprises in order to improve their professional level in Russia and abroad.
The Association stone industry of Russian
«Center stone» is a dynamic open structure, the members of which can be enterprises, organizations and institutions engaged in the stone industry, whose interests coincide with the interests of the Association.
The Association «Center stone» stands for the development of social partnership in all spheres, for the interaction of professional associations,
for unification of enterprises and organizations of stone industry, architects and designers, construction organizations and scientific and educational institutions that train new personnel for the industry, for increasing the importance and responsibility of professionals, for the development of the stone industry in Russia and the industry as a whole, all over the world.

The subject of the Association's activity is

EMBLEM of the
Association stone industry of Russian «Center stone»

The decision on the state registration of the symbols of the non-commercial organization was made by the order of the Ministry of Justice of Russia from 20.09.2013.
by the order of the Ministry of Justice of Russia from 20.09.2013, № 1981-9.
The symbolism of the non-profit organization is registered under No. 536-13.

Composition of the Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone»

Executive Director
of the Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone»
is Anastasia Igorevna Volodarskaya
President Association
of the Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone»
is Dmitry Yurievich Medyantsev

Moscow representative office of the Association «Center Stone»

After all, isolation and dissociation only seem to be beneficial at first glance - competitors will supposedly not spy on and steal my know-how or poach my employees. But this is a very narrow view. All the same, useful technologies and discoveries will become the property of everyone very quickly, and dissatisfied employees will smoothly flow to more successful companies.
Cooperation, partnership, exchange of information for common benefit and development, mutual support - these are the tasks of the «Center stone» Association. Collective international trips, specialized forums, competitions, conferences and exhibitions in Russia are only the beginning of the work. The Association «Center Stone» plans to do many more useful things, including participation in the development of industry legislation.
By participating in the activities of the Association you get from it as much as you put your efforts. Formal membership and fees are only a small part of the work. By actively participating in the activities, contributing your ideas and suggestions you form and improve the environment in which you live and work.

I wish the participants of the stone processing market success and prosperity. Join the Association «Center Stone», if you have already joined - activate, take initiative, expand your horizons, grow and strengthen.

Nikolay Vladimirovich Karachentsev
co-founder and commercial director
ALMIR Company

The Moscow representative office of the
Association stone industry of Russian
«Center Stone»
Dear colleagues!

I welcome you as of the Moscow representative office of the Association stone industry of Russian
«Center Stone»!

The Moscow representative office was established in early 2013 to expand the capabilities of the Association.
Association «Center stone» is a non-profit association of like-minded people and enthusiasts. Like any public organization it is an inexhaustible source of collective energy, ideas, thoughts and resources. It is not only an opportunity to get discounts on exhibition space, not only a bridge for dialog with government agencies, but a unique tool with the help of which it is possible to unite dispersed and scattered throughout Russia enterprises working with natural building stone.
Nikolai Vladimirovich Karachentsev
Moscow representative office
Association stone industry of Russian «Center Stone»
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