Xiamen Stone Fair 2024
The Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone» has been successfully cooperating for many years with Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd., organisers of the largest stone industry exhibition in the world - Xiamen Stone Fair.

The 2024 Xiamen Stone Fair is three times larger in scale than years before. All pavilions were conveniently equipped with industry-specific information navigators. From any point of the fair, you could quickly orientate yourself where to go next.
It was convenient to combine food with business discussions: special islands with tasty and varied cuisine were organised for this purpose. The wi-fi internet worked well, without a password.

At the 2024 Xiamen Stone Fair, there were enterprises participants with an individual booth from Russia.
The organisers of the exhibition paid special attention to the companies of the Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone», inviting them in the format of an official Russian delegation, which included more than 35 enterprises, and more than 100 people, from all over Russia.
Especially for the Russian delegation under the flag of the Association «Center Stone» the organisers of the exhibition kindly allocated a booth where everyone could find colleagues from Russia, sit down, rest and consult,
hold business negotiations.

At Xiamen Stone Fair 2024, new contacts were made with manufacturers of tools, equipment and chemicals for working with natural building stone.

Designers from China have presented new and interesting realisations in stone.

Chinese innovative computer software development companies also took part in the exhibition.

Russian enterprises are planning fruitful co-operation with many of the above-mentioned companies in the future
Within the framework of the exhibition, representatives of the Association «Centre stone» took part in an extensive business programme:
-Of course, we did not attend all the events. We held a number of successful group meetings at factories and production facilities in Fujian province.

And, of course, we were supported in everything by our Chinese colleagues, who arranged transfers at short notice and shared all the necessary information with us. All cares and expenses for accommodation at Xiamen Airlines Lakeside Hotel, transfers and translation services were taken care of by the exhibition organisers. The whole trip was very comfortable, no mobility issues and no language barrier.

Our Association is very much appreciated in China. And this was felt throughout the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, the entire Russian delegation was invited to a welcome dinner!
We were glad to meet our Chinese colleagues in the evening after the exhibition, hug, chat, exchange national gifts.
There was a very beautiful musical programme and thematically it was dedicated to each participating country (Russia, Italy, Turkey, Iran and others).

And in general, I would like to note that the participants from the Russian delegation of the Association Stone Industry of Russia «Center Stone» are very satisfied with the exhibition Xiamen Stone Fair 2024, they took away orders, contracts, new equipment, new technologies, tools, new knowledge, new experience, new business contacts!

We are very grateful to the Russian Stone Industry Association «Center Stone» for organising the trip, as well as to the Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
and see you next 2025 year!