E-mail: infogs38@bk.ru
Tel: +7 (983) 417-37-64
Mining of dolerite blocks of 2-3 groups (GOST 9479-2011),
including for use in decorative and facing purposes.
Production of architectural products, paving stones,
curbs and other natural stone products, as well as ritual products.
Cutting, processing of stone. Own production. Realization, delivery.
Mining of dolerite for crushed stone production (GOST 8267-93);
Deposit gabbro «Novo-Khinguyskoye», Irkutsk region.
Address: 2a Mira St., office 10, Irkutsk, 664002, Russia.
Director of stone processing production - Bezborodov Dmitry Mikhailovich.
Director of the trading company - Bezborodova Elena Mikhailovna.
Director - Yuri Andreyevich Rybakov