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Keeping secrets for a quarter century or more is possible, but you have to be a rock to do it...or like us.
It's time to lift the veil of secrecy and share our incredible experience with you!
Only we have the most useful and diverse information about stone, how and where to mine it,
how to process it and where to use it properly.
Releases every week!
⠀* Interviews with leading industry experts.
⠀* PRO machines, PRO quarries, PRO facilities and PRO much more.
Who's behind it all?
«USSA-Gran»: more than 28 years on the market means not only our experience, but also the confidence that we do the best.
We realize the boldest ideas of our customers, create works of art and build the future!
Large-scale realized projects: metro «Maryina Roshcha», residence «Noble Row», elite LCD «Lion Gate» and others.
We have here interesting, heartfelt and useful!


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