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 Dear colleagues!    

 I greet you as the head of the Moscow representative office Association stone industry of Russia "Center Stone"! 




       The Moscow office was established in early 2013 to empower the Association and the exit to the federal level. Over the past few months have been several meetings and events, identifies goals for future work.    The Association is a non-profit association of like-minded enthusiasts. Like any social organization is an inexhaustible source of collective energy, ideas, thoughts and resources. This is not only an opportunity to get a discount on exhibition space, a unique tool that allows you to combine the separate and scattered across the Russian enterprises working with stone.    After isolation and disconnection is only at first glance give the benefit - ostensibly competitors podsmotreno and do not steal my "know-how", and people. But this is a very narrow view. Still useful technologies and discoveries will become available to all, and very quickly, and disgruntled employees smoothly flow into a successful company.    Cooperation, partnership, sharing information for the common good and development, mutual support - these are the tasks of the Association. Collective trips, seminars, conferences, is only the beginning. The plans of the Association for many useful things including participation in the development of sector-specific legislation.    Participating in the activities of the Association you get from it as much as you invest the effort. Formal membership and dues are only a small part of the work. Involved in the activities, contributing their ideas and suggestions you yourself are building and are improving the environment in which you live and work.    I wish the stone processing market this year, success and prosperity. Join the Association, if you have already entered - Activate, take the initiative, expand their horizons, to grow and strengthen.                                                                                                                                               

 Nikolai Karachentsev, Co-founder and Managing Director "Company ALMIR",

 Head of the Moscow representative office of the Association stone industry of Russia "Center Stone"