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Association Stone Industry of Russia

The Association Stone Industry of Russia was founded in 1996 by Andrei Garms.

The main task of the Association is the professional support of representatives of the stone industry in Russia, the creation of a comfortable business environment for its companies, the establishment and expansion of professional ties both in Russia and in the business world community.


The Association is a non-profit association of like-minded and enthusiastic people. Like any public organization, it is an inexhaustible source of collective energy, ideas, thoughts and resources. This is a unique tool with which you can combine the enterprises working with natural stone scattered and scattered throughout Russia.


The Association consists of 70 largest industry enterprises in 2019.

These include companies that mine and process natural stone, manufacturers of equipment and tools for stone processing, construction companies, and specialized higher education institutions.

Today in Russia on the development stage there are more than

fifty  deposits of granite, marble, coil and other rocks of building stone. For the rest of Russia, a geological study of the subsurface is underway.

In 2018 , the production of building products from natural stone in Russia amounted to more than 2  million conventional square meters of products. The Ural region remains the main producer of such products in Russia.

Welcome to the Association Stone Industry of Russia "CENTER STONE"!