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China Xiamen International Stone Fair

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Good afternoon!

I am glad to welcome all participants and guests, organizers and experts of the international exhibition China Xiamen International Stone Fair On behalf of the Association Stone Industry of Russia.

The main theme of 2020 for the whole world was the pandemic of the coronovirus COVID-19, which brought many troubles to every inhabitant of the earth.

And in this difficult, crisis time, each of us I hope to cope with this misfortune as much as possible, continuing to live, grow and work.

The idea of our dear colleagues and partners of the organizers of China Xiamen International Stone Fair to unite colleagues from different countries to participate in Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair is fully supported. I think a project in this format will be fruitful and effective.

I wish all the colleagues in the stone industry to achieve important goals. Glad to see you on Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair!      

Dmitry Mediantsev