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In 2014, theexhibitionMARMOMACC was heldfromSeptember 23 to 27in Verona(Italy)for the49th time.The organizer of the exhibition was the companyEnte Autonomo per le Fiere di Verona.
MARMOMACC isone of themajor internationaltrade eventsdedicated tonatural stone, technology and processing tools.
MARMOMACCexhibitionin Veronaattractsmanufacturers of equipment andtools, construction companies, architects, designers,representatives of the companiesinvolved inthe stone industry andbusiness leaders.This is whereengineers, designersandmanufacturersperformthe most modern equipment, tools and innovative technologiesfor the processingof natural stone.Besides atthe Veronaexhibition you can also see, select and purchasenatural stonethat is used inconstruction,facing worksin interior design.

The associationof stone industry enterprises “Center Stone” was also invited to takepart in the exhibition.The organizersprovidedfreeexhibition space(25sq.m) for collectiveparticipation of the Associationmembers.Delegationofcompanies representatives, the Association members,from different cities ofRussia, were providedfree dailypassesto the exhibition,as well as theopportunity to present theirposters, brochures andexhibition samples. Number of importantmeetings and negotiationswith representatives of different stone industryassociationswere heldduring the exhibition, as well as with expertsand equipment manufacturersfrom other countries.