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EXPOSTONE - 2013, 25-28 June, Moscow

Главная / News / EXPOSTONE - 2013, 25-28 June, Moscow

From June 25 to 28, IEC "Crocus Expo" was held on 14-th International Exhibition "Expostone - 2013", which brought together representatives of leading Russian and foreign companies working in the field of mining, processing and utilization of natural stone. Association of stone industry "Center Stone" is a co-organizer of the exhibition "Expostone 2013", 19 companies - members of the Association took part in the exhibition.
The objectives of the exhibition:
• View the status and prospects of the industry in Russia and abroad; • Demonstrate the natural stone in all its diversity, to show broad application of natural stone in urban planning, architecture, arts, • Promote the development of the industry by demonstrating advanced technologies stone mining and processing industries, innovation, modern equipment and materials; • To promote the development of cooperative ties producers with suppliers and customers; • Create the conditions for the expansion and strengthening of inter-regional and international cooperation; • Promote the expansion of markets of the participating companies; • To enable business leaders to assess the competitiveness of their own products, to compare the equipment and technology used in their industries with similar products; • Create the optimal conditions for the implementation of the exhibitors of their commercial interests.
The broad theme of the exhibition has attracted visitors and specialist audiences. This year the exhibition was divided into 20 sections devoted not only, for example, geological exploration, drilling and blasting, or the production and use of decorative stones, but also the use of stone in architecture, restoration works, art works and monumental art.
For industry professionals Past Events - without exaggeration the most important event. For more than 14 years, "Expostone" provides a unique opportunity for Russian companies involved in the extraction and processing of natural stone, direct contact with the manufacturers of the equipment and tools. In addition, the participation of countries of the world leaders in the production of stone, such as Italy, India, Brazil, China and Turkey, not only does the exhibition of one of the largest in the art world, but also demonstrates the recognition of Russia as a key component of the global market.