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"UralExpoStone - 2013: production, processing, use of natural stone", 5-7 April, Ekaterinburg

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IV International Specialized Exhibition "UralExpoStone - 2013: production, processing, use of natural stone"
From 5 to 7 April 2013 in Ekaterinburg, the IV International Specialized Exhibition "UralExpoStone - 2013: production, processing, use of natural stone."
Exhibition is organized by the Association of stone industry "Center Stone", which brings together Russian enterprises and companies working in the stone industry. Objectively, in the Urals, in the geographical center of Russia, which is a unique mineral base, where there is a lot of stone mining and processing enterprises are located head office of the Association and our exhibition "UralExpoStone" which was held for the fourth time.
The main purpose of the organizers of the exhibition "UralExpoStone - 2013: production, processing, use of natural stone" was to bring the exhibition to the next level and show prospects for market entry and business cooperation with companies UFD stone industry.
In connection with the stated purpose of the 2013 exhibition "UralExpoStone -2013" held at the World Trade Center Ekaterinburg, which is located in the heart of the city. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region Sarapulov S., president of the Association of stone industry "Center Stone" Medyantsev D., Vice-Rector of the Ural State Mining University Valiev N.
Exhibition space "UralExpoStone - 2013" has doubled compared with the exhibition in 2011.
This year, the PR - the company exhibitions spread far outside of Ekaterinburg and the Urals region: information about the exhibition at the exhibition portals included in TOP10 Yandex and advertising module exhibitions present in the official catalogs of international exhibitions in China, Moscow and others.
In order to attract visitors to the opening of the exhibition conducted an extensive advertising campaign: banners placed on the leading web portals Ekaterinburg (such as,,, etc.), billboards and street banners on the main streets of Ekaterinburg and region , radio and television, including the placement of advertisements on federal channels.
Participants in the exhibition "UralExpoStone - 2013" were 38 Russian and foreign companies. Work was carried out thematic round tables, meetings of the Executive Board and the annual general meeting of the Association "Center Stone." In the organizing committee of the exhibition received more than 1,000 applications for electronic attendance events from the experts of the stone industry, not only from Russia, and Europe and Asia. For the participants and guests of the exhibition was organized by the cultural program, the main "highlight" of which was the performance of Russian composer of the People - Eugene Pavlovich Rodygina.
The exhibition was held the first competition dedicated to architects, "Stone in Architecture". At the closing ceremony of the exhibition results of the competition, the winners were awarded with diplomas of the Association "Center Stone": • Diploma for the place I got architectural workshop of JSC «PTARH and Sons", the head Ptashnik AN Sketch the idea of the Cultural Center P.P.Bazhova by Chapaev in Ekaterinburg. • Diploma for the II place got LTD "ALKUTA", the head Kukovyakin A. The second phase of the project WTC Business Center Kuibyshev st. in Ekaterinburg. Interior unit A. • Diploma for the III place was awarded a design studio "K29". The project sanatorium "Dyuzhonok" clearance bath complex "Europe-Asia".
We hope that the most important industry event - exhibition "UralExpoStone" - will become more and more popular in our country and abroad, and work within the framework of this event will be followed by a fruitful and constructive dialogue.
We invite all members of the Association of stone industry "Center Stone", representatives of Russian and foreign stone mining and stone-enterprises and companies to take an active part in the exhibition "UralExpoStone - 2014"!